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i like the internet bc people actually think im cute 

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If I was going to move anywhere I would love to be able to live somewhere where at night you could actually see the stars. And maybe not have creepy neighbors who stare at me from outside their windows.

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Shout out to bitchesdontknowshit who has always been my #1 favorite blog

Bby you’re my favorite!
I’ve also been following you since senior year of high school! Internet friends for life*~

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Black and White - Seahaven

Don’t you know that I am exactly what you wanted?
And still am what you want, and what you need.
But you seem to have forgotten, the promises you promised,
Where you do not forget about me.

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aquarius- 100% greatest. pisces tries 2 hard

pisces- VERY nice. probably the best

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- worst

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