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I’m so happy that I changed jobs though.
I don’t think I realized how horrible the other one was until this point.
I can also work more hours during the school year (which is a blessing and a curse I guess)
I’m feeling pretty optimistic about everything lately.

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do the boiling water challenge

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Where’s a good site to host your art stuff so people can order prints etc? Been meaning to do it for ages but never got round to it

Society 6 I’m using and it’s asking me for the pricing and I’ve no idea what to put, has anyone used it before? bitchesdontknowshit thanks for the recommendation

I would say go through other photographer’s pricing and go from there. When I started selling my illustrations on the website it that’s what I did. You still want to make money, but sometimes it’s better to start off on the lower side for pricing and gradually work your way up.

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Yoke (Acoustic) - Basement 

I love this acoustic version too much 

He played this and I couldn’t deal

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"Everyone is a lesson." A reminder (via black—lamb)

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